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If you ask most past Adventures by Disney guests what really made the difference for their trip, they would say that it was their two amazing Adventure Guides! Every itinerary includes two dedicated guides on your journey, plus a local guide to guide you through your destination and bring you amazing and authentic experiences.


The Adventure Guides are so much more than simply a tour guide – they’re your concierge, consultant, destination expert, GPS, entertainer, and more! You’ll never find them without a story to tell (or a snack to give away). The Adventure Guides, above all, are storytellers that are there to guide you through your destination and bring what you see to life in an engaging way for guests of all ages.


You may be wondering why two Adventure Guides is such a big deal – is it really so much different than having one? In fact, having two Adventure Guides can completely change how the tour operates, for the better. If there are different activities available, and guests are split on which they’d like to do, there are two guides to cater to each preference. If a guest has an emergency, one guide can assist the guest while the other continues to guide the rest of the group, rather than the entire group having to stop so that the guide can handle the emergency. Even beyond that, the Adventure Guides pay careful attention to what their guests are interested in, and tailor experiences to the group to make sure that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


Take an inside look at life as an Adventures by Disney Adventure Guide with guides Diana and Doug!

Meet the Guides

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